Tradimo acquires Trading Story

The Financial Education and Technology Company

Tradimo acquires Trading Story


(Copenhagen, August 10, 2018) Tradimo Interactive, the financial education and technology company, acquires, a popular podcast and educational website. joins the Tradimo family with over 100 episodes of valuable lessons from the world’s best traders and over 420,000 downloads that have given it a top 50 rank in the “investing” category at iTunes. Its audio episodes and website with show notes and educational guides are dedicated to newer traders.

Tradimo Interactive Founder & CEO Sebastian J. Kuhnert

Sebastian J. Kuhnert, Tradimo Interactive Founder & CEO

Sebastian J. Kuhnert, Founder & CEO of Tradimo Interactive, remarked on the transaction:

“I’ve been following for the past three years and recognize the value of what Brandon has built. Tradimo is a perfect fit for Trading Story to continue this great work by launching a second season for fans of the Trading Story podcast and bring the existing episodes to a wider audience at “

Brandon Clay, Founder of Trading Story

Brandon Clay, Founder of Trading Story

Brandon Clay, Founder of Trading Story, was excited by the new owner: “Tradimo is the best resource for any trader and investor that wants to improve their skills and I’m really happy to see Trading Story as a part of Tradimo Interactive moving forward.”

Tradimo plans to bring the existing podcast episodes and educational materials to a wider audience while launching a second season with a new host to continue the podcast true to its original philosophy, introducing the financial world to newer traders and investors through story-telling and interviews.

In combination with a wide range of educational services aimed at traders and investors of all career levels at the new Tradimo Shop,  in-depth online video courses and Nanodiplomas™ at Tradimo’s certified learning portal, up-to-date market news on the company’s financial news portal, the best retail brokers and deals for private traders and investors at Tradimo Brokers & Deals and the award-winning mobile stock market game, has just made one of the world’s best financial education resources even better.

About Tradimo Interactive

Tradimo’s mission is to bring accessible, affordable, engaging, and highly effective financial education to the world. The company believes that financial education is a cornerstone of society, and seeks to empower its students and employees at financial institutions to advance their education, careers and financial independence.

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