Cooperation between Tradimo and FXI Group

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Cooperation between Tradimo and FXI Group


On the afternoon of October 27 in the headquarters of Shanghai, FXI Group (Business School) and Tradimo signed a formal cooperation agreement in order to promote the study and exchange in the field of financial training between China and foreign countries,. Tradimo founder and CEO Sebastian J. Kuhnert, Tradimo China General Manager Allan Huang and FXI Group(Business School) General Manager Mr. Xi Weizhou, FXI Group Chief Economist Mr. Li Wei personally attended the signing ceremony. 

FXI group (Business School) general manager, Mr. Xi Weizhou, gives a warm introduction to the group while Sebastian J. Kuhnert, founder and CEO of Tradimo, is leading his team in their visit to FXI Group.


Prior to the signing of the agreement, Mr. Xi Weizhou held talks with Sebastian J. Kuhnert, resulting in the creation of a Sino-Danish friendship in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. An in-depth exchange of views, while both sides shared positive prospects for their cooperation and discussed how to promote existing partnership projects and further strengthen the future, followed, culminating in a consensus.

cooperation-fxi-group-business-school-tradimo-derivatives-trader-china-certified-by-Deutsche-BoerseDepicted are representatives of FXI Group and Tradimo reaching a consensus on existing cooperation and exchanging views on future cooperation.


At the signing ceremony, FXI Group (business school) and Tradimo learned to establish a new cooperative relationship. The two sides will carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation in product, service, marketing and other aspects. The signing of the contract marks the establishment of a long-term stable cooperative relationship between the two sides, for domestic investors and financial practitioners to establish a new financial training window.


Pictured here is the signing of the cooperation between Sebastian J. Kuhnert, CEO of Tradimo and General Manager of FXI Group (Business School)

FXI Business School is an important mission for the FXI Group and was officially set up in early 2017 to serve their high net worth customers. Founded in New Zealand, FXI Group entered Shanghai in 2012. It is a financial group based on Chinese and global asset allocation, focusing on wealth management, industrial investment, alternative investment, and brokerage.

Over the past year, FXI group (Business School) has provided wide range and in-depth financial professional training and services for high net worth customers. With the growing expansion of the group and the increasing demand of customers on life services, the cooperation between FXI and Tradimo was formally established in the fourth quarter of 2018. Our aim is to provide our clients with global asset allocation, family inheritance, health management, high-end medical care, high-end travel and luxury, and other all-round value-adding service systems. The organization also meets with you on the Global Info Online Financial Knowledge Platform as well as periodically organising systematic training and marketing courses for its online members

Tradimo is a Financial Education Technology company established in 2011, designed to provide financial investors and practitioners with video financial training services. In 2015, Tradimo won the prestigious European Best Financial Science and Technology Award, and in 2017 and 2018 Tradimo received the “Best Financial Education Company Denmark” award. Tradimo currently has four million members worldwide, and has so far offered courses in five languages, including Chinese, English, German, Russian and Arabic.

Sebastian J. Kuhnert, Tradimo’s founder and CEO, sees that Tradimo is closing the gap between academia and business by introducing the Certified Derivatives Trader Nanodiploma ™, which is aimed at any individual wishing to gain a professional qualification in derivatives. Tradimo CN will also introduce Tradimo’s Derivatives Trader Nanodiploma ™, certified by Deutsche Börse. The course prepares its graduates worldwide for the Deutsche Börse “Certified Derivatives Trader” exam – a prestigious derivatives qualification which is recognised by the FCA, amongst other leading industry bodies. Sebastian J. Kuhnert stated: “Online training is a prerequisite for going to the Deutsche Börse to take an official exam. It’s very difficult. Successful passing of the exam is a testimony of one’s own strength. Many practitioners themselves have received similar types of training and exams, so they know very well that graduates who can pass the program are likely to do so.” And they like to provide employment opportunities for them.

In the face of a global job market, once the derivatives market opens in China, it will become the focus of employment in the global financial market. However, there is a serious shortage of enthusiastic people with the expertise and qualifications to operate and earn in the derivatives market. In the future, it will be through FXI Group (Business School) of “global surplus” level. The FXI Group and Tradimo’s cooperation will provide domestic financial practitioners with a high-quality online learning platform through Tradimo’s financial transaction courses and videos to be more widely disseminated and shared.


From left to right: Tradimo CN General Manager Allan Huang, Tradimo Head of Operations Pei Ching Eh, Tradimo founder and CEO Sebastian J. Kuhnert, FXI Business School General Manager Xi Weizhou, FXI Economist Li Wei, FXI Operations and Promotion Director Hu Jingjing

Chinese version available here: 标题:福盈文传(福盈商学院)与丹麦Tradimo学得谋正式签署合作协议

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