Call for App Developers pitches

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Call for App Developers pitches


In an exciting new development we here at Tradimo are excited to announce our plans to develop a mobile application for Android and iOS, which will let our users experience Tradimo as they know it and additional features in a new user-friendly way, on the go! 

For this project we are looking for a team who is willing and able to create this new endeavor with us.


  • Cross-platform framework (React Native is preferred)
  • Notifications handling
  • Git-, Agile-like weekly/bi-weekly demos
  • Component-based application architecture
  • Unit testing with a reasonably high coverage result

It is essential that the app, along with a real-time messaging and live streaming feature is fully functioning in China as well as the rest of the world.

If you are interested, the following will be the next steps:

  1. Send an email to stating that you are interested in making a pitch to win the project.
  2. Receive and sign a pre-agreement for confidentiality.
  3. Receive our full information including design mockups.
  4. Send us your pitch including your proposed team, budget and timeline.

We are looking forward to receiving your pitch!

Note: Deadline for step 1 is Friday, 14th December.

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